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Seeing is believing

My focus has always been building technology that supercharges the act of seeing.

Visual communication is my comfort zone and I have extensive experience developing the medium and the media across multiple industries.

As artist, inventor, engineer I am a passionate advocate of immersive technology.

Starting with CG imagery in the 90s I developed many methods for visualisation that have utility and value.

Passionate about computer graphics I have been involved in realtime rendering since the first release of Unreal engine.

As a key player in the realtime landscape I was an early user of Unity 4 developing commercial VR when Oculus was a startup.

Later moving to Unreal I was involved with Project Nile, which later became known as Datasmith.

A key player in the 3d scanning community with my own designed micro-photogrammetry system, this creates beautiful high fidelity scans of tiny objects called ‘macroscans’.

I subsequently developed methods for deploying pixel perfect 3d scanned environments in VR in addition to scanned scale models of cities and towns in VR.

Developing a unique pipeline for the rapid production of on-rails VR experiences for engagement I pioneered a similar format for use in the visual arts.

Recently I have been developing a class-leading collaborative visualisation platform for Meta OS called SharedSpatial (coming soon).

Early VR walkthrough, PIN Hotel Shanghai, 2013 – LOBBY

Early VR walkthrough, PIN Hotel Shanghai, 2013 – BANQUET ROOM

Early VR walkthrough, PIN Hotel Shanghai, 2013 – GUEST ROOM

Early CGI, 1999

Early CGI, 1998

Early CGI, 1998

Crysis 2, 2009

J Edgar, 2011

UK Olympics, 2012