My passion for computer graphics has remained as strong as it was when I started using 3dstudio for Dos in 1994 on a home-built computer.  Having worked in the core industries over the years, (games development, film, tv, advertising and architecture), I have gained a huge amount of experience and creative autonomy, whilst remaining an independent developer at heart. I believe that creative and technical agility is a key ingredient to efficient, cost-effective production of the highest quality, and I prove this time and time again with my work.

I wrote a patent to use game engine technology for architectural visualisation in 1998,  25 years before it became standard practice, and have been at the forefront of computer graphics production ever since, becoming one of the first to deliver a commercial VR project back in 2012.  This was a fully explorable Hotel proposal, at a time when Oculus was selling the first VR headset prototype (development Kit 1).

Since then I have created an exciting new format for experiencing VR with VRCE (virtual reality curated experiences), as well as the worlds first 3d Macro experience; using photogrammetry to build high fidelity models of insects, viewable at enlarged scales in VR. I believe the true potential of virtual reality comes from a deep understanding of the user experience, and this is what I am exploring in my work.

Early VR walkthrough, PIN Hotel Shanghai, 2013 – LOBBY

Early VR walkthrough, PIN Hotel Shanghai, 2013 – BANQUET ROOM

Early VR walkthrough, PIN Hotel Shanghai, 2013 – GUEST ROOM

Early CGI, 1999

Early CGI, 1998

Early CGI, 1998

Crysis 2, 2009

J Edgar, 2011

UK Olympics, 2012